SPIS-Services offers a wide range of training courses. These courses aim at covering the most important aspects of spacecraft charging modelling with SPIS, from basic software usage to advanced spacecraft plasma interactions modelling:

HandsOn Course [1 day]
Be able to run basic simulations
GEO/LEO course [2 days]
Be able to use SPIS for GEO and LEO missions as well as ground experiments.
Developer course [2 days]
Be able to extend both the numerical kernel and the modelling framework.
Internal Charging course [1 day]

Be able to use SPIS-Services Edition Summer 2017 - IC Applications

Trainings are mutualised and performed in our offices at Toulouse, France. Two sessions are proposed per year (springtime and autumn schools) pending on the number of registered attendees. In order to guaranty a good pedagogic interaction with students the total number of attendees per session is limited to 10 persons.


On-demand training are possible, please contact us for further information.