SPIS-Services Summer 2017

Summer has arrived and the SPIS-Services team is already planning the events that will take place at the end of 2017. We have thus three main events to announce.

Internal charging (IC) is becoming an increasing subject of interest for a lot of industrials and researchers. In order to address this thematic, and thanks to the support of agencies through several R&D projects, a dedicated version of SPIS to internal charging analysis has been developed and released in the frame of the SPINE community.

Above this open-source basis, SPIS-Services has developed new additional tools to facilitate a multi-physical approach around radiations and internal charging effects, especially in an industrial context, and extended its offer with new services.

  • SPIS-Services Edition Summer 2017 – IC Applications

Artenum and ONERA are proud to announce the release of a new SPIS-Services Edition: SPIS-Services Edition Summer 2017 – IC Applications. This new package focuses on a multi-physics approach using radiations and internal charging analysis.

This new edition includes a Radiation Manager to easily pilot 3D Monte-Carlo radiation analysis models based on GEANT4, such has the ESA/GRAS software. It also contains the new CAD editor EDGE, allowing creating and/or editing GDML geometries compatible with GEANT4 based tools. If such new modules can be used to compute deposited dose, charge and energy, the interfacing between the radiations simulation module and SPIS has been improved to in order to facilitate the the internal charging analysis, performed then with SPIS-IC.

For more information about the content of SPIS-Services Edition Summer 2017 – IC Applications, please consult the additional tools page or feel free to contact us (contact[at]spis-services.eu).

  • New training course on SPIS-Services Edition Summer 2017 – IC Applications

With the release of this new tool, Artenum and ONERA will organise a new training session on the 15th of November 2017 at ONERA Toulouse (France). This new Internal Charging course (called T4 in the SPIS-Services offer) is focused on running basic internal charging and radiations simulations with SPIS-Services Edition Summer 2017 – IC Applications. Its aim is to master the specifics required for modelling radiations and internal charging effects. Basic plasma physics, space environment (radiations), scientific computing and numerical modelling are prerequisites for this training.

  • Training SPIS GEO/LEO course

A SPIS GEO/LEO course (called T2 in the SPIS-Services offer) will be held on the 13th and the 14th of November 2017 at ONERA Toulouse (France). The aim of this course is to master the specifics required for modelling spacecraft charging in GEO and LEO environment. It offers a deeper focus on the settings of numerical global parameters for a finer control and optimisation of the simulation, especially in GEO and LEO environments. Basic knowledge on plasma physics, space environment and scientific computing are prerequisites of this training.

Both sessions will take place at:

ONERA Toulouse
2 Avenue Edouard Belin,
31000 Toulouse, France

Please note that in order to guaranty a good pedagogic interaction, the total number of attendees per session is limited. Sessions are open to all in the basis of an individual fee per student. Fee reductions are offered in case of common registration of several students to the same session, provided that they are on the same order. The fee includes meals, coffee breaks and the provided computers. Travelling and accommodation are at the client’s expenses.

For further information, please contact us (mail: contact[at]spis-services.eu) to obtain our Detailed Offer and Pricing (DOP) document.

SPIS-Services is operated in partnership by Artenum and ONERA.

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