SPIS-Services offer access to dedicated versions of the SPIS and SPIS-IC software, the SPIS-Services Edition as well as additional tools.

SPIS-Services Edition Fall 2016 – SC Applications presents novelties, including for the main ones:

  • Integration of the ExtendeD Gdml Editor EDGE. EDGE allows creating or modifying GDML files, before exporting them in the B-Rep .geo GMSH file format supported by SPIS. EDGE also imports B-Rep formats (GEO, STEP-AP203-214, STL, UNV). This new CAD editor aims to facilitate the geometrical modeling needed for SPIS as well other tailored simulation software. More information about EDGE on the additional tools page.
  • More than thirty enhancements and evolutions on SPIS, including:
    • Migration from Java 6 to 8, for a better compatibility with modern operating systems;
    • Improvements on the handling of data-fields localized on edges, improving the project persistence robustness and the 3D visualization of corresponding results;
    • Improving the multi-threading at the UI2NUM phase in order to avoid freezing of the Simulation Panel;
    • Improvements in the Group Editor to properly display in the editions panel associated properties already set to an associated group already set;
    • Better behavior of SPIS when no java heap space is available.

SPIS-Services Edition Summer 2017 – IC Applications focuses on a multi-physical approach by offering the possibility to run radiations effects and internal charging analysis. It includes:

  • Integration of the CAD editor EDGE allowing to edit and create GDML geometries, compatible with Geant4.
  • Integration of a Radiation Manager offering a user friendly interface in order to easily control 3D Monte-Carlo models based on Geant4, such as the ESA model GRAS. Radiation Manager allows the user to set radiation analysis simulations. More information about Radiation Manager on the additional tools page.
  • Integration of the possibility to use Radiation Manager results (deposited dose, charge and energy) as inputs for an internal charging analysis with SPIS-IC.
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