About us

SPIS-Services is organized in partnership between the Artenum Company and ONERA, the French Aerospace Lab, both main co-authors of SPIS. The support offer is provided by experts among the key members of the SPIS development team, main authors of SPIS, contributors and experts in space environments. This offer benefits from 13 years of developments and use of SPIS. Both ONERA and Artenum gather more than 50 SPIS related scientific publications and even more technical reports


Artenum is an active European actor in the domain of scientific computing and open-source software. Involved in several research activities in computing science, it has extensive expertise in scientific software design and optimisation.


ONERA is worldwide known for its expertise in space environments, plasma physics, experimental and numerical simulations. They regularly perform advanced R&D studies relative to spacecraft charging for space agencies, industry and its own needs.