SPIS-Services is a support service to the use of the SPIS software and to the modelling of the interactions between orbital systems and plasma. Initiated in the 2000’s, SPIS is dedicated to the modelling of spacecraft-plasma interactions, including spacecraft charging.

SPIS-Services provides a consistent set of support through training, assistance and advanced studies. SPIS-Services is technically based on the current reference version of SPIS validated and maintained by the historical ONERA/Artenum team of experts. We also remind that Spis is an open-source software available under the GPL license through the SPINE community.

The SPIS-Services flyer is available for download.

Request our Detailed Offer of Pricing (DOP).
Several offers of training from the beginner to the developper.
Online support for SPIS users.
Advanced studies
On demand advanced studies performed by our experts.
Access to dedicated version of SPIS as well as additional tools.